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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  January 3, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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christmas is over, that maybe the christmas spirit will enable some of these house republicans to do the right thing here. >> yeah. senator, good to have you with us tonight. >> glad to be here. >> all the best. have a great weekend. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the gop's new talking point. obama care is skewed. that's right. republicans are back at it. if they don't like a fact, they just pretend it isn't true. remember what they said when the polls showed mitt romney losing in 2012? >> but i also think that the polls onslaught that comes out that shows him behind, i don't think it's accurate. >> i don't want anybody falling for this. i'll analyze these polls and explain to you why they're bogus as the program unfolds. >> let's take ohio and florida
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first. do you believe the polling today? >> no, i don't. >> karl rove didn't believe the polls. and we all know how well that worked out. it's the same story when the job numbers are good. >> these numbers are phony, fraudulent, and deceptive. >> okay. there's a million less people than we thought working. which some have said, that's kind of fishy. >> obama monkeying the numbers here, jimmying around with things on an election year. >> yep. they'd rather believe the president of the united states was cooking the books than admit the economy was improving. and we're starting to see the same old routine with the health care numbers. 6 million americans have now gotten insurance through the affordable care act. just over 2 million bought plans through the health care exchanges. and nearly 4 million are covered through medicaid. 6 million more americans have
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health insurance. it's great news. but don't expect the right to believe it. >> well, it's 2014. that means it's the year of obamacare. but is the white house playing a numbers game with your health care? >> you'll notice that if you ever have a number that looks favorable to obamacare like the 2 million, it's immediately announced. but they have no idea how many are enrolled. or they tell us they have no idea and they have no idea how many are the young and the healthies. a selective release of information which is highly suspicious. >> the 2.1 number has some eyebrows being raised. >> eyebrows are raised? highly suspicious? come on. this whole thing is ridiculous. but it spread to gop lawmakers too. in a memo today eric cantor says house republicans still want to repeal the health care law.
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and he says, quote, we will continue to address other areas where greater transparency is demanded. including the disclosure of reliable and complete enrollment data. reliable data? the data we're getting now is reliable. republicans just don't want to believe it. and you know what else is reliable? these same old silly games from the gop. joining me now is congresswoman janice schakowsky and karen finney. thank you both for being here. >> thanks. happy new year. >> happy new year, congresswoman and karen. congresswoman, eric cantor says we need reliable enrollment data. why are they so desperate to ignore the real numbers? >> they're making a huge miscalculation themselves if they think going after obama care is a good idea now.
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and let me add another 3 million people to those numbers. this is reliable. those are the young people who are on their parents' policies due to obamacare. so that adds up to 9 million more americans who have health care. who won't be excluded because of pre-existing conditions, who aren't subject to lifetime or annual caps, women who won't be discriminated against. this is a great time for america. >> you know, karen, president obama's grassroots group organizing for america is collecting stories of people who have benefitted from obamacare. listen to this. >> saving me $1500 a month. so it's hard to imagine how significant the affordable care act is in my life. >> to be able to go to those doctors and to get a yearly physical and maybe talk to a doctor that i haven't talked to in a really long time. >> i'm so incredibly grateful
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for the affordable care act because now not only do i have health care coverage, but i also have peace of mind knowing that i can never be denied coverage based on my pre-existing condition. and that's an amazing feeling. >> i mean, does eric cantor believe these people aren't reliable? >> i don't think he does. i don't think he pays attention to those people. but let's be clear about the political goal of what eric cantor is trying to do. he doesn't care about making sure the affordable care act works. he doesn't care about the data being collected properly. this is about scaring americans away from signing up by suggesting there's something wrong. and this is about undermining the legitimacy of the presidency. and the clips you played in the opening, the same language they used about cooking the books, it's the same kind of language they're using about when we talk about the affordable care act and those numbers. all designed to undermine the legitimacy of this president. >> you know, congresswoman, the next bills from house
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republicans have to do with the security of the health care website. congressman darrell issa has tried to fib on this issue. take listen. >> we're 75-plus days into the launch and apparently there are still vulnerabilities in this site. we're finding out that on launch day there were vulnerabilities and we strongly suspect those vulnerabilities still exist. >> now, the democrats, congresswoman, say issa's cherry picked information. they said security office testified the website systems exceed standards set. in fact, they go beyond best practices, in quotes. and there have been, quote, no successful preaches of are republicans just trying to scare people away from the website, congresswoman?
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>> i want to tell you something. i think this effort is really pathetic. this is a great product that is going to help millions and millions of people. what we saw at the end of december was putting us on track to get the millions of people that we need to enroll. we heard from the governor of kentucky where 40% of the enrollees are 35 and younger. young people want health care. they're comfortable with websites. i do believe this is a miscalculation, a political miscalculation on their part. because this is something that americans have wanted and needed for so long. and i think they're just going to go ahead and get it. they should be ignoring all the nay-saying by republicans. >> karen, you've got to help me with this. the texas attorney general is
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attacking for the being able to keep their plan. >> this is just one of the ways president obama is violating the law written by congress and violating the constitution by trying to imply their own interrogati interpretation of what the law means. >> in fact, a group of attorney generals say this fix is, quote, flatly illegal. and quote, the only way to fix this problem-riddled law is to enact changes lawfully through congressional action. now, here's where i need the help. so first they were mad plans got canceled. now they're mad the president fixed that? i mean, doesn't this show that they aren't serious? >> of course it does. you can't have it both ways. and that's what they've been trying to do all along. they're attacking on one front. then attack on the other front.
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remember, attorney general in texas is also running for governor. i think the republicans will try to use this issue which i agree with the congresswoman will be foolish, as a campaign issue. they're trying to have it both ways. let's remember this law was voted on by congress, then went through the supreme court which has said this is the law. so for them to attack the legitimacy of the president and his authority. >> every angle, i've heard a lot of things. what i've not heard is a republican plan that would cover americans if this plan is not what they want. i've heard everything but a republican alternative plan to deal with the uninsured in america. >> they have never offered an alternative. and the reason why their efforts are going to fail now, reverend al, is because now they would be taking away something that people already have that millions of people already have.
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before it was saying this is never going to work. and now they're going to say we're going to take away from people the right to get health care even if you have a pre-existing condition. or even if you were hitting a lifetime cap. that's gone. or even if you're a woman that was being discriminated against, now we're going to bring that back. and that's why this effort on their part will fail. >> congresswoman jan schakowsky and karen finney, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> and be sure to catch karen on "disrupt" with karen finney weekends at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. ahead, get ready. the fight for fairness is on. there's a big coordinated push coming on jobless benefits and minimum wage. plus one big snowstorm is giving all the right wing climate change deniers brain freeze.
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but we're breaking out the "politicsnation" science lab tonight for a little lesson. and george zimmerman's girlfriend on videotape. an interview from the day george zimmerman was arrested. >> gun would have been right here and the bottom of it right here. so he grabbed it like this and he went like this. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table above the strip mallittlm off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment
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the stage is set for a major showdown in washington over extending jobless benefits to help americans, millions of americans. new details on how president obama's taken this fight to republicans. that's next. i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus.
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progressive dream in 2014. democrats are coming back to washington ready for action. this monday in the senate's first session of the year, democrats will hold a vote on extending unemployment benefits. over a million people are hurting. left without benefits for nearly a week. how is this not on the
3:16 pm
republicans agenda? do they not see the pain out there? >> i'm 72. i've always had a job. it's not a matter of being fair, i just think the system doesn't accommodate people going through transitions. >> i wouldn't be worriworried. it's not just me. i have three boys to think of. >> bills need to be paid and i don't have the money. i really don't know what to do. just mind boggling to me right now of the way that the government is handling my situation. >> it is mind boggling. and that's why democratic senators like elizabeth warren are taking action. and not just on jobless aid. senator warren is already moving on a new bill to reform the student loan system.
3:17 pm
and president obama is promising a year of action on fairness and income inequality. including a coordinated effort to increase the minimum wage. a progressive agenda becoming an american reality. even if the leader of the republican party doesn't know it. yet. >> the answer to this is not the government. it isn't redistribution. because the government doesn't create anything. the government can only destroy wealth. it cannot create it. government simply destroys wealth. >> this is what progressives are confronting. get ready for the fight. joining me now is e.j. dionne from "the washington post." his article this week got a lot of attention. it's called "the resurgent progressives." e.j., thank you for coming on the show. >> great to be on is the show, reverend. thank you. >> we learned today house
3:18 pm
republicans aren't planning to move on jobless aid. but we also learned the president will speak about this on tuesday. a day after the senate democrats vote. how much pressure will it take before republicans realize they have to join democrats and help on this? >> well, i'm afraid it's going to take a lot of pressure. and i think what's really depressing about this is that extending unemployment in hard times used not to be a partisan issue. conservatives accepted the idea that people who through no fault of their own or sort of rolled over by the economy need help. there was a politician in 2002 who said, look, these folks we need to help them pay their bills. that was george w. bush. and bush was out there saying we got to help those folks. >> george w. bush said we've got to help these people.
3:19 pm
we have to help them pay their bills? >> exactly. so now you have a republican party well to the right of george w. bush. and in the process, they're hurting the economy. that there was one study that showed that in the last month just up to now by not extending these benefits, we pull $400 million out of state economies. it's good because it's purchasing power. that people spend the money and that creates jobs. so it's just a crazy thing with unemployment at 7% and at 8% or 9% in some states that we're not extending these benefits. >> in your article you predict a re-emergence of the democratic left in 2014. what you call a progressive resr resurgence is what you call it. quote, the democratic left is animated by the battle against
3:20 pm
growing inequality and declining social mobility. their goal is to reform the system so it spreads its benefits more widely. you say this is good news for the political center. why is that, e.j.? >> well, because we have seen over particularly the rise of the tea party, the political center has been dragged steadily to the right. and if you really are a moderate, you can't be comfortable with where the conversation is. you can't be comfortable with people obstructing basic things that the american political center was always for. like a minimum wage increase. like extending unemployment. so i think people in the middle ought to be happy about the rise of this progressive left. this progressive left is not some looney group of people. we used to have pretty high
3:21 pm
rates of social mobility where you could climb up. you could -- it was a lot easier for people to make something of themselves. and now if you compare us with other countries in the world, we don't have the kind of social mobility they have. and that's not american to lose that capacity to have people rise up in the system. >> well, i also think when you see the election of people like elizabeth warren, like bill de blasio, and others that ran unashamedly as progressives and liberals, it also puts a lot of pressure and it gives a lot of room depending on who it is in the center. >> i think that's right. and i think the lack of really strong progressive voice has hurt president obama. obamacare is not a radical program. obamacare is based on republican ideas. it's trying to keep the private insurance market alive.
3:22 pm
republicans used to be for these ideas until president obama was for them. and with progressives out there saying, look, there are other ways to do this including single payer. it helps sort of condition -- it helps people to see that this is really a very moderate way to try to get health insurance to people. >> e.j. dionne, thank ifs for your time tonight. have a great weekend and happy new year to you. >> and happy new year to you. thank you. coming up, the police video of george zimmerman's girlfriend. what she originally told them about the alleged domestic disturbance. but first, winter weather brings out the global warming deniers on the right. we'll drop some science on them next. the "politicsnation" science lab is back for the new year. hey linda!
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welcome back to the first "politicsnation" science lab of the new year. in the lab tonight, a right wing meltdown over global warming. a winter storm is battling much of the country and climate change scientists were stuck in ice. which means the folks over at fox have been trotting out a few theories of their own. check it out. >> so it looks to me like we're looking at global cooling. forget this global warming. >> and get this. a global warming scientologist had to be removed from his frozen vehicle after days of being trapped. poetic justice much? >> for the past 16 years there has been no warming to speak of. >> they called it unusually thick ice. because they're unusually thick people who have not been paying attention to the science on
3:27 pm
global warming for 16 years and think we're about to roast like a chestnut on an open fire. >> these right wingers are boiling over with denial. just because it snows in winter. doesn't mean the planet isn't getting warmer. remember, a u.n. panel said there's a 90% probability that humans are the primary cause of global warming. . and over 97% of climate researchers surveyed in the united states academy of science agrees. it sure doesn't take much for the folks at fox to hit their melting point. the results of tonight's experiments are in. and we've deduced the right wing could use a new talking point. this has been a special edition of the "politicsnation" science lab. [ coughs, sneezes ]
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. the gop civil war is about to get ugly. the religious right is coming, and now they've learned a new trick. politico reports that some of the religious right's wealthiest backers and top operatives gathered at the ritz-carlton in northern virginia. among their plans, aggressive spending in primaries against republicans deemed squishy on social issues. you see, they're focused on elevating social issues like abortion and gay marriage and conservative politics. the right wing needs to elevate social issues. do they call this? >> disguises in a motorcycle safety bill, the north carolina state house passed sweeping
3:32 pm
abortion legislation thursday. those for the bill say it will protect the health and safety of women. >> there is no law protecting people from being fired over being gay. pennsylvania is one of them. >> complain about reverse discrimination, compliance costs. >> one lawmaker is proposing a bill that would place new restrictions on abortion and make it more difficult to get contraception. >> oh, yeah, they haven't been focused on social issues at all. are they kidding? a new study shows more than 200 abortion restrictions were passed from 2011 to 2013. that's more than in the previous entire decade. how's that for the gop on social issues? and as for gay marriages, just take the latest controversy over the homophobic comments made by the star of "duck dynasty." far right conservatives like congressman steve king are still
3:33 pm
rushing to his defense. and he's not the only one. >> who is being discriminated against here except phil robertson? who just lost a job? because of his religious beliefs. phil robertson. >> he was quoting the gospel. so people who are so insulted and offended by what he said evidently are offended by what he was quoting in the gospel. >> we like you at the blaze. we're not ashamed. we won't fold. "duck dynasty," we would be proud to have you. >> so, no, the religious right shouldn't be worried the culture war -- the culture war is alive and going well in the gop. joining me now author of the book "and god said billy." and msnbc contributor marie is a
3:34 pm
teresa kumar. maria, let me start with you. the religious right has always had power. now with big money, do you expect they will be even more powerful? >> i think the fact that they're organizing and realizing they have to get a lock step strategy, that's one of the reasons they recently met over 26 conservative groups met to talk about how to you elevate social conservatism and make sure everybody's on message. but let's not forget what happened with romney. romney when he was governor his wife contributed to planned parenthood. she was pro choice. and the moment that came out, the evangelicals backed a i wa i. it will be interesting to see how they themselves start splitting up. when the gop came out with a rebranding strategy, you had a swath of evangelicals saying they should support gay marriage. it will be an interesting fight in between them. >> you're right.
3:35 pm
you raise very good points there. you know, frank, let me go back to this republican congressman steve king far minute. he weighed in on the "duck dynasty" star's recent controversial statements. and this is what he said. i've been in similar situations to the one phil robertson finds himself in now. i have learned to navigate the left's intolerance while holding firm to our values. now, we've all gone back and forth on phil robertson, but this emphasis on our values, is this part of what they're trying to sell the american people that it is our values that are under attack rather than people having the civil right to agree or disagree with whatever point of view you or i may have in terms of our religion or other matters? >> yeah. well, you know -- as you know rev rebd al, there are two
3:36 pm
agendas here. one is the surface discussion we're all aware of in these statements. but underneath that there's two things really going on. there's a rear guard action being fought by the evangelicals and the religious right who see america becoming diverse. they see gay marriage being accepted. they're losing their own young people in the church who is are more broad minded than often their parents are. but there's something else going on. this is something so many americans especially white americans and others find so embarrassing. they don't want to deal with. and that is the real agenda of the gop for the past six years has only been one thing. stop the first african-american president from succeeding at all costs. and i'll give you historic parallel. when schools began to be integrated in this country, all of a sudden coincidentally a whole bunch of evangelical private schools started and just happened to all be white. they said they were reacting to bad education in the public
3:37 pm
schools. but what was really going on was an unspoken agenda. so i think we've got to be honest about this. the evangelicals are organizing again to try to damage the white house in 2014 and to make sure that this presidency finishes off in their view as a failure. and it comes from their pathological hatred of this president. underneath that -- >> let me bring maria in on that. because maria, what frank has said -- and frank was an evangelical, a big leader in that movement -- what he says is very, very startling. he's saying this really has nothing to do with values. this has nothing to do with religious beliefs. they really want to stop the first african-american president. and since they couldn't stop his re-election, they want to make sure that they in many ways obstruct his last two and a half years in office. your reaction to that. that's a very, very, very strong
3:38 pm
statement. >> it's a broad sweeping statement. i can't believe all evangelicals feel this way, but i feel the gop starting from the inside who said we're going to be the party of no when it comes to any action that president obama puts forth, that they want to see failure. if that's the case on the part of the evangelical movement, what you're hearing is they're reciting what they've said from the beginning. that they want a failure for barack obama. and it's one of these things that we've discussed in the past is that we don't as a country right now we want to steer away from having race conversations. but it's because we're afraid of our reactions. unless we have frank conversations and acknowledge that the first african-american president has been able to do great things despite the opposition and actually talk about what the future of race relations is in this country, we're going to get stuck in a hamster wheel. and we need direct confe
3:39 pm
conversations. >> frank, she's right. in america when we bring up race, you're pulling the race card. but if you hand me the race card, any card i pull is going to be a race card. the question here is have you, who was an evangelical leader himself, ever seen any sitting president or any other sitting politician that disagreed on religious grounds or other grounds with some of what the far right religious far right evangelicals have stood for treated in the same way you've seen president obama treated? >> never. and it's not a coincidence that my book "and god said billy" is set in apartheid south africa where the whole system was geared to fitting in with reformed theology of protestantism. that's the same here. and it has a broad streak of racism in it. i quickly say of course there
3:40 pm
are progressive evangelicals that feel differently, but the fact of the matter is this president has faced a level of opposition and bigotry that i have never seen in my lifetime directed as anybody as consistently. even to the point where as one of your guests said before, we see a situation that george w. bush was for or romney and his health care reform here in massachusetts was for. hey, as soon as the black man in the white house wanted to do this, all of a sudden it becomes a matter of almost theological principle to oppose him. when you see the religious right organizing, what you see is -- >> i've got to go. >> frank, i think what the president is symbolizing is a changing demographic in america. that's what makes it so uncomfortable. >> i agree. >> those principles of that demographic changed. he was not only elected once but twice by that same demographic change. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. we're going to pick this back up, believe me. frank schaffer and maria teresa
3:41 pm
kumar, thank you. >> happy new year. straight ahead, we're hearing from george zimmerman's girlfriend. new video from the day he was arrested. stay with us. this is for you. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor olive garden's signature favorites now just ten dollars weeknights are for favorites. including everyone's favorite fettuccine alfredo and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad, and warm breadsticks signature favorites now just ten dollars, monday through thursday, at olive garden. we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪
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3:45 pm
zimmerman was arrested charged with felony aggravated assault, domestic battery violence, and criminal mischief. after his girlfriend frantically called 911 saying he threatened her with a shotgun. it was a claim he denied. and last month she recanted her allegations and the case went away. but now in video from police on the day of the incident, we see and hear her account of what happened when george zimmerman took out his shotgun. >> he pointed it at me for a second and said do you really want to do this. because i told him i'd call the cops. >> what do you take it as he said do you really want to do this? how did you feel when he said that? >> he was trying to scare me out of not calling. like scare me into not calling. did i say that right? >> are you feeling he was saying do you really want to do this like are you sure you want to do this?
3:46 pm
or was it threatening? >> it was a threatening, like you don't want to do this. he said do you want to do this? but he's very passive aggressive so he words things differently. >> you said he pointed the shotgun at you. how long a duration time and how was it that he pointed the shotgun at you? >> he had taken it out of the bag and it was a definitely like i want to scare you for a second out of not calling. it was five, six skekds. >> do you remember enough to make a physical demonstration? >> oh, yeah. he pulled it out. the bag was right here. he grabbed it and opened it up, the gun front would have been right here and the bottom of it here. he grabbed it like this and he went like this. like you would hold it like this. and then he dropped it and used it to break the table next to him. >> okay.
3:47 pm
>> interesting to see that account. that initial account at that. now she says it did not happen. the story continues to fascinate. and we'll keep following it. ga? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. try new olay fresh effects everything off wipes to remove makeup. and bright on schedule eye roller to instantly de-puff. for instant beauty sleep, no sleep required. new fresh effects from olay.
3:48 pm
right wing extremists are starting the new year in pretty much the same way they ended the last year by diving right off the deep end. their newest thing, right wing
3:49 pm
activists are scheduling a revolution called operation american spring. to overthrow president obama. they predict that millions of americans will participate. they warn the place for politics wounded or incarcerated. they're also talking for ted cruz to investigate and charge politicians with wrong doing. one activist went on right wing radio to expose the president's secret military plans. >> mr. obama and mr. harper have signed an agreement that suggests that they be at the ready for each other. so obama and mr. harper to send into america to help quell the rioting and vice versa. >> you heard that. the president's secret canadian
3:50 pm
army will try to crush the uprising. beware the mounties. they're coming for you. and listen to another conservative explain why this uprising is necessary. >> we don't have another great awakening, we're going to experience a tyranny and a totalitarian. oppression far worse than anything experienced in the 20th century. >> these are the kinds of extremist ideas making their way into mainstream gop talking points where they can actually do real damage to the country. joining me now is dana milbank from the "washington post" and drew courtney, director of communications at people for the american way. whose blog right wing watch monitors this activity. thank you both for being here. >> hi, reverend. >> thanks for having us. >> drew, you see this kind of
3:51 pm
talk on a daily basis. do these right wingers really think there's going to be some revolution to overthrow the tyrant barack obama? >> do these particular right wingers believe that? yeah, i think they might to be perfectly honest. we talked about the invading canadian army. he talked previously about how president obama was on the verge of detonating nuclear explosives to kill 9/10 of the country. it's politics by mad lib. it's not closely tied to reality. what's scary is that we see these things on the very far right. the extreme that can be written off. but it doesn't stay there. that kind of rhetoric moves closer and closer into our mainstream politics. and then we start seeing people we think of as more responsible with the rhetoric and even sometimes using some of the same tactics when talking about riling people up. >> a lot of people think why is
3:52 pm
reverend al talking about this, because we can see that these talking points from the far right have found their way into the gop mainstream. i mean, just listen to gop lawmakers talk about president obama as a tyrant. listen to this. >> one of the most disturbing aspects of the obama presidency is the willingness of this president to disregard the law. >> he's willing to grab as much power as he can. >> i think he has a king kong complex developing and we're going to make sure it doesn't happen. >> he will defy the constitution if he decides to. >> we did not elect a dictator. we elected a president. >> so the rhetoric is almost indistinguishable. >> it's working both directions. you have officials in washington using that sort of rhetoric which em boldens sort of the lunatics on the fringe who plieb doing that anyway. and then the other way around,
3:53 pm
it bubbles up. that's how we got the whole birther controversy. there's a surprisingly large number of people who believe this president is a muslim who is from kenya. look. once people like glen beck disappeared from fox news, the fringe suffered a pretty serious blow there. but there's still plenty of outlets for this. and it does keep bubbling up. it's worthwhile to mention it. i don't think there's a widespread belief that we're headed for this canadian invasion or this particular nuclear attack. but it's worthwhile to point it out that it's out there. because you may be hearing more of it. >> but you may not believe in the canadian invasion, but we've got one of these right wing activists predicting president obama will try to distract people by claiming he has made contact with the alien light. listen to this. >> what we're go i think to see
3:54 pm
soon is an unveiling of the concept that we have, in fact, been contacted by and have been in communication with people from other civilizations beyond earth. and that will be part of the great deception that is forthcoming soon from mr. obama. >> so, i mean, they're kind of way out there. but despite that, some of their rhetoric and ideas have become mainstreamed. and i think accepted by some in the republican party that you would expect to be responsible. >> and it's not as far out there as you think. i'm just book from new mexico. i went to area 51, talked to some of these fellows with the green faces and it all checks out. everything these guys have been warning about. so i'd sleep with one eye open. >> i thought we had to wear both eyes open with the green guys out there. but let me ask you, drew.
3:55 pm
when dana talks about the impact its had, had he mentioned they believe the president was mud limb. 2008 2008, 16% thought he was muslim. in 2012, 30%. this stuff has began to influence. outrageous, unfounded claims have began to influence large blocks of mainstream political americans. >> yeah. i think that's exactly right. i think the controversy is a good example. something we used to think of as totally extreme. about as far out of field as you can get. you know, i think one of the things we've seen in the last couple years from the minute obama was elected people thought we needs to be thrown out of office.
3:56 pm
and then we should impeach him. but since 2012 we've seen more rhetoric about the fact that he needs to be forced out of office nap there needs to be revolution. that there needs to be a military coup. that he needs to be tried for treason and executed. this is mostly on the far right fringe, but that language of tyranny creeps in closer and closer. so it starts on the far right. then we hear the american family association saying that we're on the verge of a second civil war. or the family research council, tony perkins has repeatedly said we're on the verge of a second american revolution. those are important figures within the gop right now and it's disturbing that they've picked up that rhetoric. >> all right. i'm going to have to leave it there. drew courtney, dana milbank, thanks to both of you for your time. and dana, you can check on that canadian army by talking to mayor rob ford in toronto. >> i'll get on it. still ahead, ever wonder what president obama watches on tv?
3:57 pm
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finally tonight, ever wonder what president obama watches on tv other than "politicsnation," of course. well, now we know. "the new york times" outlines president obama's tv picks. and his list includes "house of cards," a political show about dysfunctional washington. and he also likes another political thriller "homeland." and of course "breaking bad." those are all great shows. but for my money, the republican reality show is truly must see tv. like this one. >> do you like green eggs and ham? i dot no like them sam i am. i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam i am.
4:00 pm
>> oh, and there's also this classic episode. >> let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. >> see what i mean? what does a republican say about this nonstop entertainment? >> are you kidding me? >> no, i'm not, mr. speaker. it's riveting drama. we'll be keeping an eye on it all year long. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. meet the gop's new plan. same as the old plan. cripple obamacare. let's play "hardball." ♪


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